Flooded Basement

Understanding Water Damage

Damages incurred due to flood water or leakage of domestic water pipes can be really troublesome as they bring a lot of problems associated with them. It is common for people to get worried under such circumstances and find it tough to make quick decisions. If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters like flooding, then here are some important dos and dont’s that can help you take right decisions at the right time.

What to Do When There’s Water Damage

Restoration of all essential things is of paramount importance when it comes to water damage and you may need the help of a professional for such disaster management. In case of domestic pipe leakages or sewage problems, you may need to hire a plumbing contractor.

Remember that delaying can worsen the matter and make it more difficult to restore. Your first job is to contact as many water damage restoration companies as possible and ask for quotes. Damage caused due to water and bacterial outgrowth can start in just a few hours so it is essential to take quick steps to restore.

To start with, try to remove as much water as you can by bottling or mopping the floors with the thickest towels available. If water has seeped inside your house or office, make sure you switch off the circuit breakers that supply electricity. Also remember to remove or unplug any type of electrical devices kept on wet surfaces. If there are wet rugs or any other type of floor coverings, get rid of them immediately.

To expedite the water damage restoration, make sure you remove the small furniture items that might cause rust or stains. If you have a really expensive carpet then remove any shoes, paper goods, books, paper items, potted plants or other stuff that might cause stains in the carpet.

Keep any expensive or high value items including paintings, photos, and art works in a safe and dry location, if possible. Even if they are not wet, they may get damaged due to the high level of moisture inside the house. Also open all cabinet doors, and drawers to speed up the drying process. Your water damage restoration company should help you move all the large furniture items into dry area which may be your garage or some other storage area as appropriate.

What Not to Do

Never get tempted to use any kind of electrical appliances to clean the water as this might lead to electrical shocks. If there is visible mold, do not disturb it. Ensure nobody walks on the wet carpets as this might spread contamination.

Never settle with the first company that offers restoration service, instead ask for quotes from several companies before you settle on one. By selecting a professional company that has plenty of experience in this field and who can offer you a team of well trained professionals, they will restore your home or business area back to normal.

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